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MRP + "Cutting stock Problem/Guillotine cut" Solver

Arjan Duijs
- 12/02/2015 10:20:09
Hi All,
I am implementing odoo v9 in a furniture factory.
There are a couple of challenges i am facing.

Hopefully somebody has some experience/advice with the following

1) Cutting stock problem / Guillotine cut (
When i define for example melamine furniture in MRP, the furniture is made up of certain pieces of melamine which i can put in a BOM.

Then when a order is placed, at one moment we want to know how many sheets of melamine we need to buy. (can be any combination of furniture and amount)
I can define each piece as a m2, but at the end this is inaccurate.(as well as plain vs wood grain direction).

So in a perfect world, accepting the SO would loop over the Boms needed  to determine the optimal cuts (and thus sheets necessary) for that order. then puts a PO for those sheets.
At the same time when it has generated that cuts, it places the output in a file that can be used in the CNC woodcutting machines (workstation).

2) Variable Material / Shared/multiple BoMs
Another challenge is on how to define all the furniture within odoo.
All the pieces of the furniture can be defined, except their material. (can be mdf+formica, melamine, mdf+veneer, mdf-painted, polyurethane) 
one option is to use (nested) boms.
the issue with that is that i need to define to manufacture all the pieces and all their variations. We have quite some suppliers so we definitively dont want to put all their melamine/formicas as a variant for each piece. (maintaining it would be a pain..)

I have looked into orderline variables, but that still needs a separate bom for each variable.
would have been ok if you were able to use multiple boms per product. A base-bom vor all the variants, and an additional variant specific BoM 

Any thoughts on this?