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Re: German translation: Units with Einheit

Eva Pinter
- 10/06/2015 15:15:11
Thanks for clarifying.

I will create a unit of measure called Stück so that the people understand what they are selling in terms of units of measure.

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Eva P.
On 6 Oct 2015, at 17:37, Johan Van Hirtum <> wrote:

Hi Eva,


‘Units’ as meter / liter / m² / m³…. or translated to ‘Einheit’. A piece or number of pieces is ‘Stück’. So you can have ‘5 Stück’ of a product, each 3 m long and with m as unit of price, then there will be 15 ‘Einheiten’.


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Van Hirtum Johan


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Hi All german speakers,


I’m actually doing a project in Germany and I have noted that “unit(s)" has been translated by Einheit(en). This sounds quite unusual for me, as I’m used to the word “Stück” to describe the number of pieces. My customer is also puzzled about the word Einheit(en) as it does not fit to his vocabulary. At least in Switzerland, I always used the word “Stück” for material.


Any thoughts to share?


Thanks in advance 


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