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[warehouse] problem with the availability check

- 10/06/2015 08:10:18
I've some trouble with the availability check function for stock moves in Odoo, maybe some of you can help me to fix this problem :)

Current Behavior:

At the warehouse module the availability function for stock moves  check the availability in _any_ stocks of the warehouse.
The Problem: it is possible to use a product for a stock move from a wrong stock (the button "force availability)- this create a lot if issues and problems (e.g. stocktaking).

Expected behavior
  • after choose the Source Location the availability function only check the product availability in the selected source location.
  • the stock move is only possible after the availability function give a positive result

with the odoo code search i found the Addon stock_check_availability but its not longer available on github

Unfortunately, I've found no other matching ODOO addon that could resolve this issue.

thanks :-)

Michel Vorsprach

bloopark systems GmbH & Co. KG
+49 391 5630 6921