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Re: First tests for my video on V9 for sales

Eva Pinter, Eva P
- 10/04/2015 19:30:13

Thanks for your answers.

I was doing a test for someone who is starting with Odoo and the pricing forsees that the user can choose his modules. So, basically, if he installs “sales”, he cannot create a customer and so cannot use the module without installing accounting/localisation. It makes the whole pricing not understandable: you calculate with 20€ and end up paying 80€.

The same for the lead time. It’s basic functionality to maintain the delivery date in the sales order, but this means that the user has to install the module inventory to be able to do that, making the sales module alone basically useless. It is quite complicated for the end user, not an odoo specialist to understand the functionality that is available when selecting a module.

Eva P.

On 4 Oct 2015, at 14:03, Jos Colpaert <> wrote:

1-2 It is meant to install a localization to have all the right accounts immediately, but of course not that you could not create a customer when accounting is not installed
4 With stock, you certainly have the customer lead time, I checked that. And I think, before, it appeared also only in the sale order line form.  

On Sat, Oct 3, 2015 at 3:47 PM, Eva Pinter @ YBO <> wrote:
Hi Guys,

Was preparing a video on Odoo SAAS online for sales. 

1. Unable to create a customer without installing accounting. Impossible for the user that does not know Odoo to know about it. Not sure, if feature or bug
2. Unable to create an invoice. Again an error message saying unbalanced entries with no possibility to know what and why this happened.
3. By choosing in the user setting “configuration” (what I thought was the ultimate choice for having all the authorisations), I managed to lock out all technical settings and cannot go back and change it again. I suppose the system should not allow such a change, if the user is the only user of the system.
4. Customer lead time was not available for sales order, meaning that you cannot run any business if you choose to start using Odoo V9 for sales first and add later other modules.
5. The new interface is really beautiful, easy to read, even if some elements are too small (Draft invoice is written very small)

Hope Odoo watches my video on my youtube channel (will be published tonight and handles to do the required changes)

Eva P.

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