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RE: How is the progress of moving Odoomrp to OCA?

Antiun Ingeniería S.L., Rafael Blasco
- 10/03/2015 01:18:20



De: Nhomar Hernández []
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Asunto: Re: How is the progress of moving Odoomrp to OCA?



2015-09-22 15:22 GMT-05:00 Rafael Blasco <>:

Eva Xpansa, Alex Agile, Pedro Baeza, Ana Avanzosc, Jordi Eficent, Rafa Antiun, MAYBE we can choose one! (1) modules each one and move to OCA implementing Test and testing. And we all will review the PRs of others. This way if we do this one per month we could have in October 10/12 modules moved to OCA.


You can incude Vauxoo there, our only issue is that the "Indexing" for modules is quite uncertain (there is several concepts mixed on the same repository not only mrp ones.).

A good help can be that "somebody" (yes you win) make such index with things you look interesting and tell everybody to follow such index. and we can join and help, I have myself pending start with such job but honeslty I didn't find the time "finance" to achieve that -yet-.

I do not know if you think I am right it is just an idea, but Pedro has the last word there.


Nhomar, I send yesterday the table with an opinion. The part of linking mrp with projects is very interesting as you can imagine for planning and analysing costs.