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Re: Update BoM after an MO is completed? (v8)

Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 09/22/2015 04:23:29

On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 12:38 AM, Ray Carnes <> wrote:

Odoo v8:


In the case where Bills of Materials are ‘preliminary’ lists of components, and the ‘final’ list is only known once the first item is made, there is a requirement to update the BoM at the end of the first MO, and subsequently if there are BoM updates.

We face a similar issue in an Engineer to Order process, but the difference is that each item is unique. Just designed and manufactured uniquely. Rarely repeated with exactly the same configuration. Once done, there is the requirement that the BoM is updated with the 'as built' configuration, and costed according to the materials actually used in the project.

Our approach is totally different. We handle this as a project. We explode the BoM into a Resource Plan, where materials are reserved and procurement is initiated without having a MO at all. Subsequent changes to the BOM can be re-exploded into the Resource Plan.

As components arrive, you have the option of either triggering a MO for the finished product, that would consume the components procured in advance, or you can avoid using a MO at all and move the components manually to WIP from the Resource Plan, as work progresses. When the project is completed and the finished product has been built, the you determine the total cost of the manufactured product based on the project costs, and update the finished product's cost. Then, from the Resource Plan again, the finished product can be obtained (move from WIP to Stock) and subsequently delivered to the customer.


A BoM update would also supports the correct product cost, so that when updated (BoM Cost), it includes the components actually used in the MO, in addition to those specified on the BoM as it was before work began on the MO.


With Odoo-MRP’s custom module I can get additional components to be added to the Bom (and with a customization, costed via Analytic Accounting).


Next I want to try to get the additional items moved out of WIP.

What about having the BoM get updated at the end of the process?  Has anyone done something similar?

But the BOM hierarchy could have several levels, that are exploded into a list of components in the MO. If you are to update MO -> BOM, how would you possibly know to which level should you assign the changes? IMHO it would require that the MO not only has the list of components, but the actual BOM hierarchy within.

Thanks in advance.


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