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Update BoM after an MO is completed? (v8)

Ray Carnes
- 09/21/2015 18:35:22

Odoo v8:


In the case where Bills of Materials are ‘preliminary’ lists of components, and the ‘final’ list is only known once the first item is made, there is a requirement to update the BoM at the end of the first MO, and subsequently if there are BoM updates. 


A BoM update would also supports the correct product cost, so that when updated (BoM Cost), it includes the components actually used in the MO, in addition to those specified on the BoM as it was before work began on the MO.


With Odoo-MRP’s custom module I can get additional components to be added to the Bom (and with a customization, costed via Analytic Accounting).


Next I want to try to get the additional items moved out of WIP.

What about having the BoM get updated at the end of the process?  Has anyone done something similar?

Thanks in advance.


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