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WMS Delivery to customer and returns

- 08/06/2015 07:43:52

What is the best way to perform following stock operations:

from a customer sale order

delivery client (standard route)
     move products with picking from stock to customer location

if an exception occurs at customer (product broken or not conform) I'd 
like my customer to send me back product but I don't want to receive 
them in stock location I would like the following scheme :

return client (new stock_operation_type)
     first step I would like a picking from customer_location to 
quality_control location

     second step after control I would like a picking to scrap_location 
if products are not re usable
         a picking to second_hand_location_stock if product are reusable

I would like to differentiate inbound from supplier and from customer
Delivery supplier (standard route)
     supplier location --> stock directly

I have tried to create a stock_operation_type "customer return" with
default_dest_location_id but this field seems not to be use when I 
return products.

I have tried to create new routes but I am unable to see it from 
warehouse routes button

Thanks in advance for your help.



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