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Re[2]: configurable products

- 06/05/2015 06:01:05
At this moment we are building a product configuration module !!
Peter van Montfort
Senior Consultant

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Verzonden: 5-6-2015 11:58:39
Onderwerp: RE: configurable products
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I have the same problem ( our products are windows, doors, solar protection systems, shutters,… ).

When someone has started some development in this area, we want to cooperate.



With kind regards,



Van Hirtum Johan


Van: Arjan Duijs []
Verzonden: vrijdag 5 juni 2015 1:30
Aan: Community: Inventory and MRP
Onderwerp: configurable products



I am buying and selling products that have various options.

For example office chairs. They have a model (the product) and various options to enhance the product.

leather seat (6 leathers), imitation leather (12 leathers) 4d arm-pads, seat in color (30+ colors), polished aluminium base, counter seat version etc etc, can be up to approx 15 options.

I have searched the forum and the documentation, but cant find a clear explanation on how to configure this in Odoo.

Product variants isnt really an option imo since it would mean thousands of variants with all the seat types and a pain in the ass to add one to an order.

on the forum Luke pointed me towards

but after installing that it doesnt seem to make a difference.

In other words, i probably have no clue how that works :)


anyone a suggestion on how to do a product configurator/generator. (conditional would be even better.. a chair can not have a colored seat, leather seat AND an imitation leather seat.





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