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Re: configurable products

Pure Energy, Greg Burley
- 06/04/2015 20:10:14
I would say you can still use the basic odoo variations but you need to have a product defined for each of the mutually exclusive options so instead of chair you have colour chair, leather chair, imitation leather chair.
Also while odoo creates all the possible combinations of the variants you apply to these products, you can delete the combinations that don't apply.

Further it seems there is also a possibility to have packs so that you choose the base as another product with its own variations ie. When processing the order for a chair you select the seat, base and arms to create the order.


From: "Arjan Duijs" <>
To: "Community: Inventory and MRP" <>
Sent: 5 June 2015 9:29 AM
Subject: configurable products


I am buying and selling products that have various options.

For example office chairs. They have a model (the product) and various options to enhance the product.

leather seat (6 leathers), imitation leather (12 leathers) 4d arm-pads, seat in color (30+ colors), polished aluminium base, counter seat version etc etc, can be up to approx 15 options.

I have searched the forum and the documentation, but cant find a clear explanation on how to configure this in Odoo.

Product variants isnt really an option imo since it would mean thousands of variants with all the seat types and a pain in the ass to add one to an order.

on the forum Luke pointed me towards

but after installing that it doesnt seem to make a difference.

In other words, i probably have no clue how that works :)

anyone a suggestion on how to do a product configurator/generator. (conditional would be even better.. a chair can not have a colored seat, leather seat AND an imitation leather seat.




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