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RE: Need to find a way to input past inbound shipments

Ursa Information Systems, Ray Carnes
- 05/26/2015 11:38:15

I have not been following every comment on this thread, but a few month ago we reported to Odoo a problem with Incoming Shipments not respecting the ‘TRANSFER DATE’ entered (if the date was not ‘today’) and they patched it for us (attached).


The picking, the stock moves, and the accounting moves are all dated historically (matching the TRANSFER DATE on the picking).



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2015-05-24 4:44 GMT-05:00 Hieu Nguyen <>:

This is clearly absurd, because it means it is not possible to enter historical data and have the accounting records reflect accurately the moves in the correct period. "



It is an issue.

We face this also and simply fix the data postmortem.

But it looks that by design odoo is not able to load historical data.

Even we fixed throught Enterprise because it was worst it take the date of the PO which was recorded on the picking when it is created.

I feel like Odoo's people has a little confusion between:

Creation date of picking.

Effective delivered date.

Promised date.

We could not find yet a correct approach for that, then we simply fixed it post mortem, it means let do the wrong date and then fix the account moves by an script or something.



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