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Re: Need to find a way to input past inbound shipments

Belkacem Mohammed
- 05/24/2015 05:47:43
By default stock accounting entries are draft, so you can change the period/fiscal year manually

2015-05-24 10:44 GMT+01:00 Hieu Nguyen <>:
Hi, everyone!

I'm using Odoo 8. I need to record past Purchase Orders. With the invoices, I can select Invoice Date and Odoo generates appropriate accounting entries (with the correct date) in Accounting/Journal Entries.

However, with Shipments, even though I select, for examples 19/02/2015 for "Create Date", Scheduled Date" and "Date of Transfer" in Additional Info tab. Odoo still generates accounting entries for stock movement with the current system date.  Does anyone know to solve this problem?

I googled and there are people who also have the similar problem. Here is their expression which may be clearer than mine:

"When receiving inbound shipment, the resulting moves - both stock and accounting - ultimately get dated with current system date, and there doesn't seem to be any way to enter the actual date the shipment was received? (Which IMHO should be the date that gets placed on the moves and the accounting journal entries).

This is clearly absurd, because it means it is not possible to enter historical data and have the accounting records reflect accurately the moves in the correct period. " -


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