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Re: Integration with other non-ODOO ERP Capabilities

Anders Wallenquist
- 05/18/2015 11:02:13
Den 2015-05-18 15:52, Benjamin Scherrey skrev:
>     I'm evaluating ODOO's WMS for a replacement into an existing 
> system. One thing we'd like to be able to do is to use the existing 
> Order Management System for storing Purchase Orders and such. What is 
> required to have ODOO WMS reference a different OMS to retrieve and 
> act on POs?
> 1) Can I create some kind of REST/SOAP API shim to sit in front of the 
> legacy OMS so ODOO WMS can treat it as if it was the ODOO OMS?
> 2) Do I have to implement python classes to wrap the legacy OMS to 
> make ODOO WMS work with it?
> What is the actual mechanism by which ODOO WMS talks with other 
> components of ODOO ERP? Can they be reasonably replaced piecemeal or 
> are they too tightly integrated for this to be a reasonable consideration?
Odoo is built by python classes, Warehouse module creates new classes 
and other modules in Odoo gives you new other classes. With all classes 
you got an XMLRPC-API and some JSON/Rest-methods, a lot of views, 
reports and sometimes workflow definitions with triggers for methods in 
the class. With the XMLRPC-API you can call any method and read all 
instances of a class from outside Odoo. The interaction between modules 
and classes are implemented in each module/class. Sometimes there are 
glue-modules that extend classes from other modules when you install a 
new module, for instance you can use the sale-module without warehouse. 
When (or if) you install warehouse-modules you will extend 
product-classes and other that is relevant for warehouse but not born in 
this module. There are inheritance both in classes and views/reports.


Anders Wallenquist

> thanx much,
>  -- Ben Scherrey
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