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RE: Integration with other non-ODOO ERP Capabilities

- 05/18/2015 10:45:55

Because the client has a lot of custom development and integration with external partners with their existing system so the cost of replacing other aspects of their ERP would be great but the added value negligible or, even more likely, negative. This is a poor ROI result. However they can and need to replace their WMS with something more flexible. I would like ODOO to have a shot at that. If successful then we can look at other aspects of the system to bring ODOO into. I would think this would be an obvious and apparent opportunity for anyone experienced in large systems to appreciate.

    My hope is, and ODOO seems to advertise itself as such, that it has beeb architected to be highly cohesive and loosely coupled so one could pick abd choose which components of the ERP one wants to bring forward. After all,  no system can be all things to all people so this flexibility is an enormous value compounded by the fact that it's open source so the integration and extension opportunities are effectively unlimited compared to proprietary systems. Of course this all goes out the window for most legacy companies with large investments if ODOO can't play well with others and insists on being the only kid on the block. I'd be surprised if that were the case, however.

    So now that I've answered your question, could you provide me any insights towards mine?

many thanx,

- - Ben Scherrey

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Why would you use disparate systems?  Why not change the Order Management System to Odoo too?  As an aside, I do understand fear of change, and inertia are obstacles.


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    I'm evaluating ODOO's WMS for a replacement into an existing system. One thing we'd like to be able to do is to use the existing Order Management System for storing Purchase Orders and such. What is required to have ODOO WMS reference a different OMS to retrieve and act on POs? 


1) Can I create some kind of REST/SOAP API shim to sit in front of the legacy OMS so ODOO WMS can treat it as if it was the ODOO OMS?


2) Do I have to implement python classes to wrap the legacy OMS to make ODOO WMS work with it?


What is the actual mechanism by which ODOO WMS talks with other components of ODOO ERP? Can they be reasonably replaced piecemeal or are they too tightly integrated for this to be a reasonable consideration?


thanx much,


 -- Ben Scherrey

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