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- 03/24/2015 00:39:29
yes,  odoo wms 8 support package and packaging.. 
so define 2 packaging, one is 200 unit per package with some size box, another is a 5 unit of package with another size box.
then, when you picking those goods, you can put 1000 unit into 5 box, then put those 5 box in the large box.

hope this should help 

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 2:27 AM, Mathieu Boldireff <> wrote:
Hi All!

Do anyone can help me with the packaging module? I don't understand how it's work! 

My problem is: Before shipping an order to a customer, I need to pack it for the delivery.
Ex: I got 1000 units to ship, I need to put them is 5 inner boxes of 200 units and put those 5 inner boxes in a master box.
I need to print a report for each box (the five inner and the master) with some information and a barcode.
I need those 6 packages to be created automatically. 

Ty in advance!

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