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How to manage product packages as products themselves

Antiun Ingeniería S.L., Rafael Blasco
- 01/29/2015 12:57:21
Hi all,

This is a popular question from Gerardo Cobo

I'm trying to set-up Odoo to handle my products as having multiple
packaging options.

Ideally I would like to create a product template to define variants
(color, size) and also define a packagings each with its own packaging
quantity, price, and stock. And I need to be able to convert back and
forth between packaging.

I'm aware I can do something like this using the manufacturing module by
creating a product for each package and associating Bill of Materials to
handle the conversion between package. But it would be too cumbersome for
the store I'm implementing this at. It's a small retail store that also
sells wholesale to customers. If I need to open a product package to sell
units on the spot, the whole documenting process in the system would take
too long.

Are there any other alternatives to using BoM?

Also, I'm no stranger to python development so any solution that requires
module development would be ok.

Thanks in advance