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Production management

Aivar Hanniotti
- 12/24/2014 02:27:14


We are starting to integrate odoo v8 in our production company. Sales, Warehouse and purchace systems i know how is needed to fix for our company needs. But manufacturing system is still a bit of puzzle to me.

We produce wood and metal partition walls and different types of doors for apartments offices. Production is similar to window produsers and furniture companies. Lets say mix of both. I plan also integrate LEAN systems in workflow. We have MTO production. MTO has parts that we order from sub contractors, suppliers and products that we have always in stock. Also we have around 50 products that we produce into warehouse. In warehouse we keep around 500 items. From small screw up to full size wood boards and 6.6 m long aluminium profiles.

Good would be if work station operator  can report into system about order. How much materials consumed and real time also. All worstations i can equip with tablet computer where workers can log in.

Has somebody experience on setting up manufacturing module for above mentioned production scheme?

Our Estonian odoo partner company has no reference for this type of production scenario.

Happy christmas time