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Re: How to deal with "ghosts" models

- 03/12/2015 10:16:42

The DB is actually a OpenERP 7 DB. I have indeed made several tests to
migrate this DB to Odoo, but only recently I have chartered a project
with the goal of finally migrating our production DB to 8.

Regarding your questions, I comment below:

Le 11/03/15 22:47, ICT Intranusa a écrit :
> Hi, Congrat Mr Manuael, a YEAR-long in production stage under V8, means
> for me your odoo has been achieved a significant level in stability,
> even followed with some minor anomalies. At least, your achievment can
> be as a SIGNAL to start to my friends, their leads & prospectives to
> begin MASSIVE migration plan from other ERP brands to odoo V8.
> Could you please info me based of your experiences :
> 1. What's to do and anything need special take care? Especially for
> new/upgrade modules/addons

That's a broad question.  It depends too much on the context.  How does
the enterprise works, its staff, can they assume the cost of the
migration: migration from one ERP to another is not just a matter of
software.  It takes time for the enterprise and its employers to become
fully productive.

You should always have a backup plan.  When upgrading between the same
major version, once its stable, I worry most about functional changes
since Odoo SA does not allows DB changes in stable versions.
Nevertheless, our teams does review each new commit we are fetching from
the upstream repo before going into production.  We make our own
distribution of Odoo with minor changes [1].

If you have custom develop addons take similar provisions for them.

We are using buildout to keep our different environments: development,
staging/testing, and production.

> 2. Is that any facilities on "DB Cleaner" tools, to simulate what tables
> will be deleted or touched?

AFAIK, no.  The only thing similar is the analysis tool provided by the
OpenUpgrade project.  But I haven't used the analysis tool myself.
Alternatively you can upgrade a copy of the DB and trace all SQL calls.

> 3. Still unclear, with your words, DESTROYED MY DB? It means you get
> what do you want successfully, or the odoo become in uncertain state?

It means that I deleted too much data needed for the Odoo framework, and
I could not start the server again.

Of course I tried this on my local machine and not our my production server.

> 4. What standart official modules you are using?

So far, Project, Accounting, CRM and HR with holidays.  We have managed
to keep our customizations in addons that work in both v7 and v8.  That
last thing needs a bit of change in Odoo [1].

[1] Our fork at  We
currently are using the "merchise-7.0" branch.

A word of warning: Some addons are removed from each major version of
Odoo, I'd keep an eye on the Odoo Community Backports project.

Best regards,