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RE: How do I refresh routes when building a module?

PT. Falinwa Indonesia Jaya, Hans
- 11/18/2014 04:15:22

It have many possibility, here I will write the potential one:


1.       Have you define the file in yet?

2.       When you stop the server, is the process really end or not? You must check it by type ps aux | grep openerp-server

3.       Please look on your openerp log, and find the potential line of the error


Thank You.


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Hi Darel

I have the same problem since 15 days, with the doc & tutorial of  odoo,
like you i've tried all the steps "restart, update, uninstall" , same time i think that's update change nothing,

what do i need to do?

Le 18/11/2014 00:26, Darrel Grant a écrit :

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">



I'm working a module and making changes to routes and responses in a

web controller, but they aren't getting picked up for some reason.


I've tried everything I can think of: refreshing the module list,

uninstalling, reinstalling, updating the module and still when I load

the routes, I either get a 404 (new routes not being registered), or

the old content (old route not showing updated content).


I've tried all the steps I know in various orders and can't get my

changes to show. What do I need to do?





LARAFA Mohamed Akram,

Développeur Informatique