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RE: Opening period not included in the partner ledger report

Ursa Information Systems, Ray Carnes
- 08/12/2015 14:41:53
Nor all reports allow selecting the Opening Period.

This happened to me yesterday also. Annoying.


From: Richard Lehnerdt
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Subject: Re: Opening period not included in the partner ledger report

Did you select the opening period when you printed the report? Also if you have not yet committed the journal entries, did you select to print all entries on the report?

The reporting in v7 is correct. 

Richard Lehnerdt
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On 12 Aug 2015, at 19:12, Maxime Chambreuil <> wrote:


When we migrated from our previous accounting system to Odoo v7, we created a journal entry with the information of all open invoices in the opening period.

Now when we print the partner ledger, we don't get the entries in the opening period.

So my question is:
  • Report is correct and I should have imported the open invoices in the first period or
  • Report is wrong and should include the opening period ?
Thanks for your answers.
Maxime Chambreuil
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