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Re: Odoo Inbound Marketing & eCommerce

Els Van Vossel
- 07/15/2014 16:00:43

Okay I'll check and let you know. Tomorrow I'm in GR too.

Have a nice evening!


Op 15-jul.-2014 21:46 schreef "Fabien Pinckaers" <>:

Just a small mail to show you two videos we just published on Odoo:
  - eCommerce Grow Average Order:
  - Inbound marketing:

We are going to record more videos like this one to showcase Odoo version 8.

Let me know what are the topics you'd like us to cover?

We also created a one-click online trial, if you want to quickly test an
  -  (select an app)


Fabien Pinckaers
Odoo Founder

Phone: +
Twitter: @fpodoo

Instant Demo:

Fabien Pinckaers
OpenERP Founder

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