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Re: Becoming a Odoo freelance website builder

Malcolm Logan
- 12/03/2014 18:17:19
Hello Rowhan, Malcolm here, I am in Sydney Australia and have been selling ERP & CRM systems for years (SAP, NetSuite etc.)  I am setting up a new company to sell Odoo in Australia and would like a web developer to manage the web & ecommerce business. We also have an office in Melbourne that sells open source ERP.  We have around 55 SME clients.

Can I see examples of your work?
What are your financial expectations?
Do you have a Resume?

I can becontacted onemail, Skype or my mobile.

Malcolm Logan

CRM & E-commerce consultant

au : 1 300 990 120          e:
nz : 0 800  232 922        
tel:  613 9510 4788        
mob: 0474 224 204       Skype:  malcolm.scott.logan

Malcolm Logan
M: 0474 224 204
Skype: malcolm.scott.logan

On 1 December 2014 at 04:22, Rohan E <> wrote:

I've built numerous websites for SMB. These are business like restaurants and hair salons that can be up sold other Odoo solutions. 

I'd like to start building them websites using the Odoo platform. Is Odoo or any of it's partners interested in working with freelancers like me? 

I'm based in Hong Kong.


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