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Re: [v8] product number, Supplier number

- 12/02/2014 18:58:09
hi Daniel,

thanks, your crm_refcodes is pretty much what I was looking for regarding the customer/supplier number, great!

The second thing I was looking for is a number/reference for products. In the meantime I found the "Internal Reference" which behaves a little strange though as it only seems to appear on the "Information" tab of the product Form View after a supplier and the "Supplier Product Code" has been added. Also it can only be found through the Advanced Search. I have the feeling the mechanics of "Contacts Reference" and "Internal Reference" might be similar and therefore something similar like your crm_refcodes could  help with this as well?

best ...Gunnar

On 12/1/2014 8:03 PM, Daniel Reis wrote:
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Regarding search and form display:
I built some simple modules to make codes searchable and visible in forms for a few Models.
Partners is one of them, see:
For products I believe they are already searchable by reference in the standard.


On 01/12/2014 02:03, wrote:
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I need 2 Modules for odoo v8 which add additional fields to existing Modules/views. I assume them to be simple (totally non programer's assumption)

1.) product code/SKU #
shall appear in all documents (product views, invoices, SO, MO, ...), shall be searchable. Combination of characters &numbers

2.) Customer/Supplier code

shall appear in all documents, shall be searchable, Combination of characters & numbers.

Does anybody have such Modules (or similar to built upon) that could be shared?
I would be surprised If we where to only company in the world who would use such codes, so I hope there is something 'out there' already

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