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Re: Progress Report on l10n_ch_payroll

Camptocamp SA, Nicolas Bessi
- 11/26/2014 07:20:33

Thanks for the work.

The Swiss localization is a community project, and not my personal project. When you had a question you should post it on the community mailing list or
better make a PR and directly ask for help.  You would have received more answer and not only rely on my availability, there are  other people on mailing list and on GitHub with more skills on payroll than me.

To ease the process you should have forked the localization project and not start a new repository and make a PR as soon you have something that works. You would have received early feedback, review and tests. Also travis will have run on your code and ensure code compliance. 

That the way other contributor have worked, share code early and ask question publicly. 

After a quick look to the code of payroll , I will highly recommend you to add some tests.

Then if you are still not interested in sharing the code, if other community agrees OCA can also import intersting code into the localization.



2014-11-26 12:39 GMT+01:00 Lorenzo Battistini <>:
On 26 November 2014 at 12:17, J-A Eberhard / Open Net Sàrl <> wrote:

Thanks to Nicolas, we did it your way.

You will find here the link to our Github where you can get the module

It has been been proposed for but, as we had no reply for the last weeks, we decided to make it public directly as we are using it on production.


is there a PR about that?


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