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Re: Make to order procurement reference on delivery order

- 11/24/2014 03:45:04
Most simpel functional solution seems to add the salesordernumer to the purchase-order (as part of the reference or something).

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Onderwerp: Make to order procurement reference on delivery order
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I see significant improvement in the procurement functionality in v8. Very pleased with what im seeing so far.

An issue im struggling with:

My client sells items that are special ordered (mto). They never stock them. When a customer orders them the workflow is as follows

Sale -> Purchase -> Receive Purchase -> Delivery goods.

This functionality works as expected, however at any given time they may have many special order items to the same supplier at the same time.

A case would be 3-4 orders for the same item. When they receive the special order items, they want to know exactly what sale order the goods are being received for. When the goods are received it makes the linked delivery order available, but there is no way for them to see this. There is no reference on the purchase order, or receipt.

The only way I see so far in the data model is to go to the procurement group name, or to try and match the procurement order lines by the group and then put a foreign key reference on the stock move.

It is important for them to know when they receive special order items, for what order they belong to.


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