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French Invoice reports

NIcolas Plée
- 11/23/2014 11:50:47
Hello community,

I try to use Odoo for my personal company that is based in France. I was very surprised to notice that the invoice reports were not suited for the French market as the template doesn't respect the national rules.

The things that I believe are missing (or that I missed somehow) : 
- Invoices should be in French only
- Buyer Shipping address isn't displayed
- Sales with no VAT  (DOM, Export, B2B EU sales) : compulsory reference in relation with the text law according to the fiscal position
- Date of the sale (may be different from Invoice date)

And improvement of the final layout to suit better to French business habits : VAT field showing only the percent of VAT and not the type/ description, ...

I may be missing other stuffs as I'm not a legal expert but as Odoo / OpenERP has been on for a long time now, I can imagine a lot of people had invoice templates done. 

Wouldn't it make sense to have all this integrated in the  l10n_fr module ?

In the meanwhile, is there any module at the moment that could help me using Odoo ? Because it's legally impossible to use Odoo this way at the moment.
I also believe that a lot of French people that try Odoo must abandon it when seing that they can't invoice easily with this tool. As this is a basic function, it gives the impression that Odoo won't fit basic needs and that a lot of integration will be needed for even the smallest thing.

Kind regards,
Nicolas - Data Up