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Customers claim for FEC certification

Eric Flaux
- 11/21/2014 11:20:46

Hello all,


Due to recent changes in french legislation, accounting books must be transfered to the finance administration in an EDI standard called FEC.

This standard is very simple, so no problem to export general ledger from Odoo or more older OpenERP versions.


I recieved several requests from accounting firms of my customers asking for a certification that Odoo is FEC compliant.

Of course, no service company can deliver such a certification but the editor himself.


Although customers believe this is no problem to provide proper files to the administration, I am afraid accounting firms will take advantage to ask their customers not to use Odoo as there are used to.


Has anyone already overcome this problem?




Eric Flaux

ABF Osiell

Immeuble Omega

Rue Jean-Marie David

ZAC de la Teillais

35740 PACE