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Re: OCA modules Documentation

- 11/18/2014 06:59:34
Hello Markus,

This very important page shall only be used to display the OCA guidelines according to me, not the documentation specific to each project. In general, I'm against placing the user documentation in the OCA website, only project manager can edit the OCA pages and this will clearly slow the contributions to documentation. Moreover, I'd really like to track the contribution to the documentation with github stats.

Except maybe if we decide to use the same process that Odoo SA, with a documentation based on the Q&A forum but I see it as complementary. Contributors shall work on a structured documentation (For Community Verticalisation I have plenty of people wishing to work on documentation, our problems is more the lack of seasoned developers), but we shall use the OCA Q&A forum to maintain an FAQ on the OCA website I think.


Le 18/11/2014 09:57, Markus Schneider a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

Is not complete, but we should collect all information there instead
having wikis in each github repositories.

The problem only some board member can edit this page. So may be have a
wiki/etherpad page somewhere to complete the documentation and stable
release where moved to the website.

Kind Regards


On 18.11.2014 09:42, Yannick Buron wrote:
> Hello friends,
> I have a question regarding documentation for OCA repositories. I have
> some contributors for the Community Verticalization who would like to
> start writing documentation about it but I don't which is the official
> guidelines of the OCA on this matter.
> Should we use the github wiki? Or put .md files directly in the repo?
> Shall the use of services like readthedoc be encouraged (I don't really
> know them, but from what I understand it synergize well with .md file in
> repo) ?
> Somes are suggesting we place code /module related informations into the
> .md files and more user / admin related content into the wiki because
> it'd be easier for the pictures. I personally think it's best the place
> everything in .md files.
> What do you think? What is the recommendations of the OCA? Sorry if I
> missed an earlier discussion about it.
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