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OCA modules Documentation

- 11/18/2014 03:39:02
Hello friends,

I have a question regarding documentation for OCA repositories. I have some contributors for the Community Verticalization who would like to start writing documentation about it but I don't which is the official guidelines of the OCA on this matter.

Should we use the github wiki? Or put .md files directly in the repo? Shall the use of services like readthedoc be encouraged (I don't really know them, but from what I understand it synergize well with .md file in repo) ?

Somes are suggesting we place code /module related informations into the .md files and more user / admin related content into the wiki because it'd be easier for the pictures. I personally think it's best the place everything in .md files.

What do you think? What is the recommendations of the OCA? Sorry if I missed an earlier discussion about it.