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Re: Accounting v9: Question

- 11/18/2014 03:12:22
In the Netherlands we uses the daily rate and there is a list of currencies with monthly rates published by the tax authority.
Both can be used.
For Fiscal year end closing the currency rate published by the National Bank (DNB) have to be used.
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Does anyone use the "Currency Mode" on "Average Rate" on an account?
In this mode:
- incoming money use the currency rate at date
- outgoing money use an average rate on the account for the current rate

Usually, companies work "At Date":
- incoming money use the currency rate at date
- outgoing money use the currency rate at date
- from time to time, we post exchange gains/loss entries

Nearly all accounting software I tested use the currency mode "At Date".

I am not even sure someone may need the currency mode "Average Rate". I
am not even sure it's legal to do this.

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