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Re: Accounting v9: Question

by Anders Wallenquist <> - 11/17/2014 11:32:09
Den 2014-11-15 14:58, Fabien Pinckaers skrev:
> Hello,
> Does anyone use the "Currency Mode" on "Average Rate" on an account?
> In this mode:
> - incoming money use the currency rate at date
> - outgoing money use an average rate on the account for the current rate
> Usually, companies work "At Date":
> - incoming money use the currency rate at date
> - outgoing money use the currency rate at date
> - from time to time, we post exchange gains/loss entries

I got a broad range of requests for currency "mode". It can be a fixed 
budgeted rate for a quarter or year (with gains/loss in year end), it 
can be a rate that are bought from a broker for a delivery, contract or 
project (pay to get stability), it can be predicted rate a month a head 
(post gains/loss per invoice, good predictions will minimize the 
difference). Average rate and at date are requested too. I'm not updated 
with the legal aspect, but I think the requests are based on guidelines 
from external auditors or internal controllers for different types of 
organisations. (Companies with a lot of import/export or with 
headquaters outside EU.

Anders Wallenquist
> Nearly all accounting software I tested use the currency mode "At Date".
> I am not even sure someone may need the currency mode "Average Rate". I
> am not even sure it's legal to do this.
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