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OCA Banking addons

Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand-Guillaume
- 11/17/2014 04:46:36
Dear community,

After discussing the future of the banking addons within the OCA and the community, here are our results and conclusions. In order to merge all the work achieved so far (as we had 2 main projects here on v7.0), we'll re-order the repositories this way:

 * The repository "banking" ( was renamed to "bank payment" ( It'll host from version 8.0 the payment interface with bank offices (v7.0 and earlier stay the same).

 * The repository "bank-statement-reconcile" ( will host from v8.0 features regarding batch completion and reconciliation. The import part will be moved.

 * The repository "bank-statement-import" has been created ( and will host additionnal parsers and import features inspired from old banking and bank-statement-reconcile repository + back-port of odoo master branch account_bank_statement_import, 

 * The repository "account-payment" has been marked as "Deprecated" from version 8.0

All the infos have been updated accordingly here : and on Github.

The goal is to have a modular and flexible banking framework to support bank importation, batch reconciliation and completion in high volumes context, payment interface (SEPA,..).

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