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Re: Accounting v9: Question

Agile Business Group sagl, stefano sforzi
- 11/17/2014 03:39:00
Some of our swiss customer uses daily rate and someone else uses montly rate (officially from Financial administrator portal - -).
At the end of the year we need official rate for all year to calculate the exchange rate difference ( - -).


Il 17.11.2014 04:32, Ashley Marc ha scritto:
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Yes we are allowed to use a monthly average rate in singapore.  We follow closely to ifrs compliance. 

On 15 Nov 2014 21:57, "Fabien Pinckaers" <> wrote:

Does anyone use the "Currency Mode" on "Average Rate" on an account?
In this mode:
- incoming money use the currency rate at date
- outgoing money use an average rate on the account for the current rate

Usually, companies work "At Date":
- incoming money use the currency rate at date
- outgoing money use the currency rate at date
- from time to time, we post exchange gains/loss entries

Nearly all accounting software I tested use the currency mode "At Date".

I am not even sure someone may need the currency mode "Average Rate". I
am not even sure it's legal to do this.

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