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Re: mrp_repair stock moves

Agile Business Group sagl, Lorenzo Battistini - Software Engineer, Agile Business Group
- 11/14/2014 02:57:06
Hello Guido and Community,

about mrp_repair, we are planning to develop a couple of modules to improve the existing behaviors.

The aim of this module is to handle the stock moves before and after the repair.
Two tabs will be added, before and after 'operations' tab.
The resulting tabs: 'products to use', 'operations', 'products removed/not used' (possibly as a difference of the first two)
First and third tabs are list of stock.moves.
First tab moves are executed at the confirmation of the repair order. The third ones, at the end.

This is supposed to be used when the repair is done outside of my company. That is, my employee takes the spare parts, goes to the installation (say, by the customer) and repairs the product.
When the repair order is set as 'external', user does not have to specify an existing move for the product to be repaired and, when the repair ends, the delivery order with the repaired product is not created.


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