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Re: Maintenance repair operations MRO

- 11/13/2014 23:26:25
Asset/MRO/MRO PM modules are ported to Odoo v8.0
You can try them

If you need develope custom features for maintenance, I can help you.

Thanks and Best Regards!
Petr Kotov

Thu, 13 Nov 2014 11:03:21 -0000 от John Pia Jr <>:


My company has its own in house maintenance department, we have 6 separate maintenance shop locations  with about a total of 45 maintenance technicians.

We need the ability to manage maintenance on our equipment (assets). I need the ability to reference a list of assets related to a specific maintenance shop.

I need to be able to reserve / request inventory to be pulled from stock to be used in the maintenance request/ repair.

I need to be able to assign jobs to techs and track their time.

I know in version 7 there is a MRO module which is pretty close to what I need, however we are version 8 and I have not yet been able to find something that suits my need.

Any help would be great

Thanks again all

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