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mrp_repair stock moves

- 11/13/2014 13:28:39
Hi  odoo-community,

i recognize some issues in the odoo (v8) mrp_repair module and i think 
these could be a bug. In case it is not, i would appreciate some help to 
understand how this works.

1. I create a Repair and add a product with the type "add". Source is 
"WH/Stock". Destination is "Virtual Locations/Production". After ending 
the repair there is no effect on the "quantity on hand", only on the 
"quantity available". If i change the destination Location to a customer 
location, it shows the same issue. Do i have to deliver the repaired 
product? The Warehouse shows no open deliveries.

2. Is there any automatic way to purchase products that are used in 
confirmed repair orders and are not available on hand.

Thanks for you Time