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v8 - try to appear data xml rpc invoice (account.invoice.line)

- 11/13/2014 12:17:06

I want to change in xml-rpc a line in account.invoice.line in my invoice.

The invoice is not validated.

I write this 

     $ids = $OSCOM_ODOO->odooSearch('name', '=', $shipping_title, 'account.invoice.line');

      $field_list = array('id',

      $invoice_line = $OSCOM_ODOO->readOdoo($ids, $field_list, 'account.invoice.line');

      $invoice_line_id = $invoice_line[0][id];
      $invoice_line_name = $invoice_line[0][name];
      $invoice_line_account_id = $invoice_line[0][account_id];
      $invoice_line_quantity = $invoice_line[0][quantity];
      $invoice_line_price_unit = $invoice_line[0][price_unit];

the result is :
13 - 38 - Prix forfaitaire (Prix forfaitaire): -
the prob come of  $invoice_line[0][account_id]
a var_dump($invoice_line[0][account_id])
do that :
string 'Array - ' (length=8)
but my line of account.invoice.line has a number of my accounting by defaut (707100 Marchandises (ou groupe) A)
I don't undestand why I have an array.
thank you.

loïc Richard