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Dealing with customer credits

John Pia Jr
- 11/13/2014 05:52:04

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out in version 8 how to manage customer credits.

I am not talking about a refund of payment but rather a credit on future orders from a customer who returned or rejected product. We do not refund orders ever for cash, its always done with credits.

Customer 1 orders 500 widgets
Customer 1 returns 200 widgets for any reason

I need to be able to take the value that customer 1 paid for the 200 widgets they returned and make that as av available credit for that customer.

Ideally I like the refund function, however how do I avoid it generating a draft payment rather than just applying a credit to the customers account that can be used at a later date on a future customer order.

Any input would be great. This may be a simple thing I just cannot seem to find it.

Thanks all