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RE: How remove demo data from installed openerp 7

PT. Falinwa Indonesia Jaya, Hans
- 11/10/2014 03:04:12

The simple answer is:

Don’t use demo data(checking demo data checkbox when you installed new database) in production database.

If you want to create a production database, never check the checkbox of demo data.


Because it will mark the database as demo database. So if you install the new module, and that module contain demo data, the system will automatically store that record.


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Subject: Re: How remove demo data from installed openerp 7


On 10/11/2014 08:37, Clovis Nzouendjou wrote:

> There is an option provided for this: *--without-demo=module_name*.

> If you want to simply remove demo data from all modules, you can use

> --without-demo=ALL.



> I hope this will help you.




I think it's not what was expected because Vishal wants to remove demo 

data from an installed database. The option --without-demo=module_name 

is useful only when you install a new module or generate a new database.


I think it's very easy to remove all demo data on an installed database 

because if they are used in other documents, the deletion may cause some 

breakdowns on your system.


If no other data have been put into you database, the best choice is to 

re-install a new database with the option mentioned above. In the other 

case, you have to find all //xml_id// of demo data and search the 

database ID of these //xml_id// with the help of the //ir_model_data// 

table. The //res_id// column of the //ir_model_data// table matches with 

the //id// column of the objects tables.


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