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Odoo performance/scaling on Windows

Adrian Merrall
- 11/09/2014 21:51:22
Looking for some input running Odoo 8 on windows for a new customer.

There are some concerns about performance because although the number of users is low, the system will have custom code running a number of large batch processes from the Odoo scheduler doing a lot of database I/O, and the customer is concerned about these processes impacting on the users if we run a single worker.

I am considering the multi-worker deployment model in the "Improving the performance of Odoo deployments" slideshare here -

If this was Linux I would be using Nginx/Green Unicorn but of course it is windows and my options seem to be limited to Apache/mod_wsgi.

First question, has anyone else tried to do this on Windows?

Second question, has anyone looked at doing this but not bothered because the single worker was good enough anyway.  I should add that we have yet to do any real performance testing to see if we need to bother but I am keen to know if anyone has done any work on this.


Adrian Merrall