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Automatic Execution of Production Orders

tim diamond
- 11/08/2014 10:20:37
Hi Community!  First I want to say this is my first mail thread post but that you guys have all been so helpful in our company's learning phase of Odoo.

We are planning development of a system for a restaurant that sells dishes with sub recipes.  For instance:

1.  Chicken Dish
    A.  Chicken Breast
    B.  White Rice
    C.  Vegetables Medley
           1.  Carrots
           2.  Peppers
           3.  Onions

Ideally, when we sell a chicken dish, we would like to deduct from stock all the raw materials:  Chicken breast, rice, carrots, peppers, onions.  However, we would like to still be able to define vegetables medley as its own sub recipe, so as to not have to define all the quantities of raw materials inside the chicken dish BOM.

Additionally, (and probably more important) is the problem of automatic execution of the production orders.  When we sell a chicken dish, we want the system to generate the production orders and have them all confirmed.  (A restaurant user can not be expected to confirm production for every plate they sell.

Another idea we had was allow the user to sell dishes and then have a daily routine that looked at the finish product sold and automatically generated production orders that were automatically fulfilled (to "re-stock" finished goods that were sold).

Has anyone dealt with a similiar issue before?  Is this funcionality built in?  Any modules that could help me?  I plan to open source my entire work, so any help would be greatly appreciated and beneficial for all!