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Re: Odoo Asterisk Dialer

Federico Manuel Echeverri Choux
- 11/05/2014 11:58:17

Pedro +1

On Nov 5, 2014 10:28 AM, "Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero" <> wrote:
Hi, Maxim,

I think you have duplicated some functionality of the new OCA repo (but with a long history outside OCA), but maybe I'm wrong. If not, I think it's better to join efforts in making this one better, adding missing functionality that you can have on your module, than have efforts splitted.


2014-11-05 17:18 GMT+01:00 Maxim Litnitskiy <>:
Hi dear Odoo Community!
I'd like to present my 1-st Odoo based product - an Asterisk based Dialer.
It's 8.0 compatibe.
Dialer is an app to dial Partners or certain list of phone numbers and play a message or forward calls to a call queue.
Smth like mass mailing but mass dialing :-)
The product is free and open.
And I am eager to get new feature requests.
There is one thing I'd like to discuss with the Community.
Currently I use char_domain widget to select contacts to dial.
It's broken in Odoo and I fixed it in my 8.0 branch -
So for now you shoud have to use my 8.0 branch and I'd like to get rid of that dependency.
What shall I do? 
1) Create module local view_form.js and override there   FieldCharDomain?
2) Wait until fix is included in Odoo's mainstream?
3) Move to OCA?
Thanks for your feedback.

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