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Re: Odoo Asterisk Dialer

Maxim Litnitskiy
- 11/05/2014 11:55:16
I know about this module.
In short it adds 2 major features to Odoo:
1) Ability to click-to-dial any phone number field.
2) Search a partner to set Caller ID name on incoming call.r
My module adds another feature - outgoing calls.
And I won't mind putting it in OCA repo where other Asterisk modules live.
As about joining efforts I can share my future plan regarding Asterisk work.
It's Asterisk Call Detail Records module for any Asterisk installation just to be able to keep calls history and do call analysys like who is the most talker / excpensive etc.
Next it will be Asterisk PBX Manager. My goal is to do smth like Elastix but using Odoo as UI freamwork.
As a part of this solution there will be User PBX Portal for employees  where they can set business rules like Follow-me, Call recordings etc.
And the part of PBX User portal there must be HTML5 softphone.
This softphone can be added to website as a public phone to call employee extensions from anywhere.
I see many interesting new disruptive features coming from Astersik & Odoo mashup.
For example, livechat voice/video call can be initiated by support operator and visitor just clicks 'Accept call' button (no mobile phones, no skype login exhanges no other dependences).
I will really be happy if there is someone who wants to assist or implement his own part.
I could not even imagine if a team can work on it...
The call is out.

BTW If someone reading this got an inspiration what else fun can be implemented don't hezitate to share! :-)

2014-11-05 20:28 GMT+04:00 Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero <>:
Hi, Maxim,

I think you have duplicated some functionality of the new OCA repo (but with a long history outside OCA), but maybe I'm wrong. If not, I think it's better to join efforts in making this one better, adding missing functionality that you can have on your module, than have efforts splitted.


2014-11-05 17:18 GMT+01:00 Maxim Litnitskiy <>:
Hi dear Odoo Community!
I'd like to present my 1-st Odoo based product - an Asterisk based Dialer.
It's 8.0 compatibe.
Dialer is an app to dial Partners or certain list of phone numbers and play a message or forward calls to a call queue.
Smth like mass mailing but mass dialing :-)
The product is free and open.
And I am eager to get new feature requests.
There is one thing I'd like to discuss with the Community.
Currently I use char_domain widget to select contacts to dial.
It's broken in Odoo and I fixed it in my 8.0 branch -
So for now you shoud have to use my 8.0 branch and I'd like to get rid of that dependency.
What shall I do? 
1) Create module local view_form.js and override there   FieldCharDomain?
2) Wait until fix is included in Odoo's mainstream?
3) Move to OCA?
Thanks for your feedback.

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