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Re: odoo + bots (EDI translator)

by Anders Wallenquist <> - 11/03/2014 14:44:54
We have done a GS1 implementation with BOTS and Odoo (OpenERP 6.0)

It was relativity easy to do this, with Odoo 8.0 and better libraries (oerplib) its much easier.

We did the integration at a per message basis, a small program with the mapping done. If you want to build a connector that is easier and more visual the most work are the mapping machine.  Its seldom you can do a 1:1 mapping, we did extend the Odoo-classes with attributes necessary for the communication and had to do a lot of calculations and in-memory classes to construct the messages we needed.


Anders Wallenquist

Den 2014-11-03 18:42, Lorenzo Battistini skrev:
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Hi all,

we are evaluating the integration between bots and odoo.
We need to send and receive EDIFACT messages and we would like to build a connector for bots and odoo (I still don't know if it should be an odoo module or a bots plugin).

Did anybody work on such an integration?


Lorenzo Battistini
Tel (CH): +41 91 210 23 40
Tel (IT): +39 011 198 25481

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