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Automatic employee creation / batch import possible?

- 11/03/2014 14:31:10

we are new to Odoo and are considering using Odoo's HR module. However, 
in order to easily initialise the employee database it would be very 
convenient to have a way to import employee data into the database, or 
to have employees created automatically on user creation. Unfortunately, 
I have not found a way to do it.

Is there a way to do any of these in Odoo 8?

- Automatically create an employee upon user creation?
- Load the employee database from a CSV file? (I see it's possible to 
load the user database but could not find a similar option for the 
employee database)
- Load employee data into the database? (Is there a description of the 
HR database structure that could be used for a custom script)?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!