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Re: RSS Feeds

by André P.<> - 11/03/2014 09:23:52
2014-11-03 13:38 GMT+00:00 Yannick Buron <>:
Thank you André, yes according to me Atom will do great.

Still I think this is a feature which shall be developed as part of the core, because we need to have the RSS flux from and and simply because otherwise most people who will use the blog module will simply forget to install the module with RSS and so it will be underused.

If you are planning to develop it, may I ask you to not make a module but instead trying to submit an MP to the main odoo branch? This way we will have a clear answer from SA regarding this feature and there is a chance they directly accept your contribution.

Forgetting to install won't happen if the module comes with auto_install = True; this shouldn't be a problem, since there are already 44 such modules in the main branch. And it provides an easier way for people to use it until Odoo accepts its inclusion (if they ever will).

I'll reply to this thread when I have a working draft version up on Github.


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