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Deploying Odoo on 2 servers

John Pia Jr
- 11/02/2014 13:01:05


I am looking for a semi simple means of deployed odoo on 2 servers. One for the front end the other for postgres.

Is there a simple means of accomplishing this?

My underlying reason may not even require this, so I'll explain .

We will have about 60-80 users, with a total erp system deployment (accounting, purchasing, sales, WHMS, some HR).

Assuming I have a powerful server ( dual 8core 2.8g xeons with 64 GB ram ) would I be able to run at least 40 concurrent connection without a slow down on the server?.

I have heard of people deploying the front end on one box and see ding the data to another box in order to balance the load.

I am looking for some advice here so please have at it.

Thanks all.