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Latest updates to Pentaho reports for Odoo

Willow IT, Jon Wilson
- 11/01/2014 03:01:47
Hi Community

Here are some important new features for Pentaho reports for Odoo (please refer to github for details):

1) Support For Excel 2007 Format (October 2014)

Support for Excel 2007 file formats (xlsx) requires updating "pentaho-reports" from within Odoo. It also requires that you are running a new deployment of the war file.

If you are happy to use Pentaho 5.2 as the reporting engine, then you can grab and deploy the pre-built war file from the Willow website.

If, however, you wish to continue using Pentaho 5.0 or Pentaho 3.9 reporting engines (theoretically not necessary, not even for OpenERP 6.1) then you will need to grab the latest from the java_server part of the project, and re-build your own war file.

2) Pentaho Version 5.2 - latest version that fixes some reporting issues (October 2014)

Rebuilt war file put on on Willow website to support Pentaho version 5.2. No Changes to Odoo (OpenERP) addon. You can get V5.2 of the report designer here.

3) Odoo Version 8.0 Upgrade (June 2014)

Upgrade and test for version 8.0.


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