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Re: 8.00 - Bug on address customer in relation with invoice in Odoo

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 10/31/2014 13:43:16
Helo Loïc,

What you describe was a hot topic back in 2007/2008... And this isn't just with the addresses but any data linked in invoices that are not in the account_invoice table.

At that time it was chosen that a "temporal" data model could be implemented to fix this but that it would have been complex.

A workaround that has been agreed as acceptable at that time is the current system we have where invoice pdf's are stored as attachments and never changed once they have been generated once in a validated state. This doesn't help with queries in the database but ensures that your printed versions of invoices will not changed when data change.

Hope this help.

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 2:07 PM, Loïc Richard <> wrote:


Currently I write a webservice between my ecommerce platform and Odoo

When I change a payment address during the payment process (new payment address) on my ecommerce platform, the payment address is write in hard inside database and the old address is not updated.

But in Odoo, this not the same thing, if during the process payment, the customer change this payment address, all the invoice (new and old) has the new address.

I think there is a big bug in odoo because the address has an impact on invoice.

I tried to change just in Odoo, a customer address, all the invoice has impacted, new and old invoice include the validate invoice.

This is a problem, in my opinion, with the law. All invoicemust be had an invoice, and the invoice validated should not be exchange

is the samething if I change a taxe rate. In this case, it can become horrible.

What the solution to resolve this problem, because it's important.


loïc Richard

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