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Re: LTL freight integration

Chris Jones
- 10/31/2014 01:55:55
I'm referring to a full API call for getting quotes live in OpenERP and then generating the Bill of Lading inside OpenERP. Going with a broker like means integrating with a single API vs. a dozen different APIs for each carrier. I don't want to have to wait for a price back from multiple carriers and dealing with RFQs, etc. I'd rather click one button, get some live quotes back, pick one and book it. 

Your idea for suppliers is something I've thought about. In my business I order raw materials and frequently send off RFQs and have thought it would be a lot nicer if they would enter the data in a form instead of sending me back a PDF of the quote that I have to enter in, but that's a separate issue from this one. 

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 6:33 PM, Marcelo Bello <> wrote:

Chris, I have a similar business and freight arrangement is something I wish Odoo could help more.
     I just don't understand the "generate Bill of Lading" part, as far as I know the BoL is something the carrier/freight forwarder must issue, not something the shipper or buyer can issue.

      To my eyes, all that is needed is a way  to generate a request for quotation and have Odoo send this request to the freight forwarders I have recorded as partners. Then the freight forwarders would access a link where they would enter the costs for their quotation and the system would help me choose a winner. The only complexity is that both the request for quotation and the input from suppliers would need to be structured enough to ensure the quality of the quotations received. For instance, a RfQ for sea freight must mention port of origin, port of destination, incoterm, IMO, LCL/FCL, weight, volume, etc... and the quotations must have origin charges, freight charges, destination charges, transit time, etc... Any piece of information missing and the process will not flow nicely.
      Such feature could be made generic enough so that it could be used for other kinds of quotations. Tracking could be treated as separate/independent module in my point of view.
       And to me particularly I do not care about the brokers, in my experience with freight forwarders, you are better off quoting with a list of 10-15 of the best freight forwarders that you build over time from previous transactions than using a broker like

My 2c.